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If you have dry, cracked lips you need to ADD lip oils to your skincare routine. 

The reason your lips dry out too much is that our lips don't have any sebaceous (oil) glands, meaning they're seriously lacking in both nourishment & protection. Carrier oils can penetrate deeper levels of our skin to heal our lips from within.

My handmade lip oils will provide you with a long list of benefits thanks to their natural ingredients and high concentration of hydrating oils like grapeseed, jojoba, or rosehip. They provide you with deep hydration while adding a layer of protection against free radicals. They can also treat, soothe, & nourish our delicate skin making our lips look juicy + plump.  

Pair it with a lip stain to up the shine, or swipe it on under your favorite lipstick as a nourishing base layer. One swipe will give you a fantastic pop of color with long-lasting shine.  

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