Common Mistakes We Make When Using a Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are a God giving gift. They are considered the soul of the Korean skincare routine since they are packed with great essences and serums and it’s one of the few skincare products that everyone can use no matter your skin type, budget, or schedule. They are practical, budget-friendly, and very easy to use. 

Although it might be an easy task to apply a sheet mask, unknowingly, you might be making a few mistakes here and there that can negatively affect the results the mask will have on your skin. 

1. Not choosing the right sheet mask

Although most sheet masks are meant for all skin types some of them contain ingredients that might be more beneficial to certain skin types. Don’t choose a mask just because the package is pretty and caught your attention.

2. Not properly cleansing your face

Even if it sounds like an obvious step, it is very common. You should NEVER apply a sheet mask on dirty skin. Properly cleansed -if you want to go the extra way exfoliate- and toned your skin for better results.

3. Not reading the instructions

Another common mistake. Reading the instructions and following them is a very obvious step to do, but not everyone does it. It might look like all sheet masks have the same instructions but they don’t. For example, not all masks are supposed to be used for the same amount of time. It’s something that can make a big difference in the process of masking, so make sure to follow the instructions.

4. Not apply the mask properly

You want the mask to fully adhere to the skin as if it’s another layer of skin. Alicia Yoon -founder & CEO of the Korean website Peach&Lily- recommends to gently place the mask matching all the cut-outs (eyes, nose, and mouth) and then smooth the rest of the mask down over your skin. The more the mask “hugs” and intermingles, the more product the skin will absorb. 

5. Applying moisturizer and/or face cream before your sheet mask

As mention before make sure your skin is cleansed and toned. 

6. Not taking off the backing from the mask

Some sheet masks come with a transparent film so they don’t stick all together when folded. If you apply the sheet mask with this film on you won’t be getting the result you are looking for because the mask will not adhere properly.

TIP: Make sure to check both sides of the mask since some sheet masks come with a film on both sides. 

7. Leaving the sheet mask way too long

Longer does not equal better results when it comes to sheet masking. Leaving the mask on for a longer period than what is indicated on the package can/will make your skin worse. The cloth will start to dry up after 30 min and it's going to end-up pulling moisture from the skin to the dry cloth. 

TIP: Remove the mask while it’s still a little damp with the product and please never fall asleep with a sheet mask on.

8. Cleansing your face AFTER you have applied the sheet mask

If you wash your face after applying the mask all the benefits are going to waste. All the ingredients that are in a sheet mask are supposed to be “soaked” into your skin. The remaining essence left in your skin after removing the mask should be gently massaged into the skin until absorbed so your skin can get the full benefits of the essence or serum. 

TIP: If you have used a sheet mask that has left a sticky residue and you have the urge of washing your face afterward then try changing masks. 

9. Not massaging the remaining essence

DON’T wipe or wash off the remaining product that is left in your skin after you remove the mask. As I mentioned before by patting the excess of the product you're taking advantage of all the great ingredients and nutrients that the sheet masks have.

TIP: If there’s still some leftover essence on the package apply it to your neck, décolletage, and body. 

10. Ignoring the rest of your skincare routine

A sheet mask is an amazing and sometimes miracle product, but it doesn’t do the job that the rest of the products are meant to do so if you want better results follow your sheet masks with a serum -if needed- and a face cream/moisturizer. This will help keep your skin moisturized and hydrated since it helps to seal in all the moisture and good ingredients preventing them from evaporating. 

11. Forgetting to apply SUNSCREEN 

Normally we tend to apply a sheet mask at night to finish off the day, but if you are a fan of morning sheet masks, please, make sure you apply your SPF. Protecting your skin from the sun should be one of your main priorities when doing a skincare routine and unfortunately, sheet masks are great for many things, but not for skin protection. If using a mask on your AM routine follow it up with a face cream and sunscreen. 

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